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it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how are you folks doing? how are you folks doing? how are you folks? hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got another good one for you today. returning for the second day from san mateo, california, it's the electona family. [cheering] >> woo! steve: and out of phoenix, arizona, it's the sawtelle family. [cheering] ha ha! everybody's here trying to win their self a lot of cash and a shot at driving out of here in a brand-new head-turning ford fusion right there. let's play "feud." give me kathy, give me mike. let's go. ["family feud" theme plays] guys, here we go. we've got the top 7 answers on the board. name a reason tarzan might wear a black loin cloth. mike. >> he just went to the bathroom. steve: he just went to the bathroom. >> to cover his private area. steve: to cover his private area. >> ha ha! steve: pass or play? >> we're gonna play! steve: they're gonna play. well, little old sami, nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you, too. steve: what do you do for a living, d
's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [caponing made possible by fremantle media] steve: gd. thank you very much. thank you, folks. thank you very much. [chuckles] hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. you know what? we got another good one for you today. this family returning for the third da from right here in atlanta, georgia, with a total of $20,870, it's the jackson family. and from san mateo, california, wherever that is, it's the ectona family. everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and a chance at driving out of here in a brand-new, stylish fo fusion. let's play "feud," everybody. give me kathy. give me tayshia. t's go. ladies, here we go. we've got the top 7 answers on the board. name something a man would hate to discover e dog did with his toupee. kathy. >> eat it. steve: eat it. >> bury it. steve: buried it. what're you doing? they gonna play. hey, jermaine. how you dng? what do you do for a living? >> i'm a marketing manager at heffernan insurance brokers. steve: ok. well, that's good. all right, let's mak
on a mechanical bull. what is going on at the department of defense? >>steve: that's a lot of bull. the nine-year-old who exposed the flaws in the t.s.a. by boarding an airplane to las vegas without parents or a ticket has a lot more to his story than we first thought. wait till you hear what he was up to before he took off in a plane like that one. >>brian: sorry, shark, can't do lunch today. got to go. the amazing pictures you have to see to believe. sadly, if you're listening on the radio going to work, you're going to have to take my word for it. "fox & friends" starts now. >> hear ye, hear ye! this is the town crier. you are watching "fox & friends." >>steve: we should explain to elisabeth. that is the town crier at the time the royal baby was born a couple of months ago. they had the town crier come to the steps of the hospital and cry hear ye! hear ye. we figured we should have our own. >>brian: we are trying to get him work because they made him old news like the pacemaker. but o if you can get the voiceover, you tkoeupbt need -- you don't need the crier. >>steve: hear ye! hear ye! t
? we report and you decide. >>steve: you might not like that. glitch after glitch, the obamacare website having trouble staying on track. >> what a train wreck. how can we tax people for not buying a product from a website that doesn't work? >>steve: he's got a really good point. wait until you hear how long these problems are projected to last. >>brian: no balls at recess. no post-game handshakes after a good or bad game. now one town wants helmets on the soccer field for everybody. good idea? or gone too far? i don't have any brain damage. i never wore a helmet. >>steve: exhibit a, ladies and gentlemen. >>brian: you mean we're on? "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ ♪ >>steve: it's going to be a great topic. nobody knows more about helmets than the two people i'm sitting next to you. >>brian: right. i didn't wear one. >>elisabeth: i feel like i need one sitting next to you. >>brian: absolutely. >>steve: good to see you. >>brian: we found out something before the show starts on our breaking story of the day. >>steve: what happened when we were all sleeping. the prime minister of l
'll be proud to be an american. >>steve: sure will be. our world world war ii veterans had to fight to get access to their world war ii memorial on the national mall during this shutdown but no barricades at the national mall later today for a proimmigration rally. what gives? we're going to fill you in. >>brian: hey kids, better drop that football, put down the lacrosse ball. did i tell you not to pick up the baseball before somebody gets hurt. one school on long island banning all types of fun because it's too rough for recess. they ran out of bat teams. "fox & friends" starts now. >> this is toby keith and you're watching my favorite tv show, "fox & friends." >>steve: and he means it. >>brian: toby keith, he sang the red cup song when he was here. >>elisabeth: "red solo cup." >>brian: that was pre-elizabeth. >>steve: today is day eight of the shutdown. >>elisabeth: and new talks are going to be about the debt ceiling. this seems to be maybe some possibility that the house can actually put something in front of, and throw out the idea that the debt ceiling will be raised and the presiden
at the white house. but was it a grand compromise or a concession? we report. you decide. >>steve: the president signs a bill restoring death benefits to the families of fallen soldiers. what took him so long and is there some blame to aim at somebody in d.c.? we're going to talk about that. >>brian: it is no secret. girls just want to have fun. that great philosophy sin d.w.i. -- cyndi lauper talked about that. guys, did you know you're not included in that fun, especially if you're married. "fox & friends" starts now. >> live in new york. it's "fox & friends." >>steve: thanks for that pep parliamentary inquiry inquiry -- pore that peppy open. >> i guess if david was live, we would have thought game on. wall street thought so. we had a mini rally yesterday. what happened in that 90 minutes when republican leaders talked with the president? >>elisabeth: paul ryan was quoted as saying the president didn't say yes, didn't say no. they came forward to compromise. the first time they came together face-to-face at an actual table to discuss some options. the house republicans put forwa
line is whether we're going to restrict different purposes, so if one of your viewers, steve wants to use it to look at animal rights is that something we're going to allow, versus whether someone uses it to look in your backyard to determine whether you are smoking marijuana. >> michael just tweeted in . . . and the line lisa you mentioned, he said is too thin. tom says . . . that? >> i think one of the big things that the faa is going to do -- what the faa wants to do is safely integrate uas's into our air space system, but they also want to create rules and regulation that govern when they can fly, how high they can fly, and what type of activity they will do. one of the things they will do in the next five, six, ten years, will be just what they did in regular aviation. right now there are no rules, but it will come to an end once we have the integration of these uas's with the faa authority over them. >> steve you want to weigh in here? >> well, this is an incredible technology that the rest of the world is going to embrace it. we certainly should too. there are so many fantas
tried to find you at the bottom of a bottle ♪ ♪ laying down on the bathroom floor ♪ [ applause ] steve: hey, i'm steve harvey, comedian, show host. i wrote a book called "act like a lady, think about a man." i wrote it for my daughter who began dating. i always wanted to host a daytime show. i've been through a lot in my wife. i've been married. i've been divorced. i'm a dad raising seven kids. so believe me, something going on in your house, it's probably a piece of it going in mine too. i'm here to help. we'll get through this thing together. [cheers and applause] steve: thank you very much. thank you very much. thank you very much. thank you very much. thank you for coming. thank you. thank you very much. hello, everybody. welcome, welcome, welcome. how's everybody doing today? hope you're doing good. well, we got a lot happening on today's show. we're talking about every parent's worst nightmare. where are your kids when they leave the house and are they safe? and today we'll meet a mom and dad who take parenting to the extreme. also, for you ladies out there dating, i got a few ti
with the electronic freedom foundation, and steve, a drone pilot and the superintendent of shark, an animal protection group. pierre, you are an army intelligence captain and a drone pilot, and really there are so many other uses. give us the 101 on the vast array of drones. >> sure, lisa. number one they come in all shapes and sizes, so they could be as small as the size of your hand or as big as a 737 bowing. >> wow. >> they can fly for minutes or days on end. and thirdly, the sen source you put on them. you can have full-motion imaging or just to detect heat. in the military we use them number 1 for lethal purposes, but that's a small sliver of what the military uses drones for. in most cases we're using them to gather intelligence. so as we transition, i think we'll see that drones can be used for firefighting, for search and rescue, and border patrol, and lots of domestic uses as well. >> let's talk about private drones. there is a misnomer that they are just in the pursue of the military. steve you use a drone that most people have never heard of. tell us what you do with it. >> one of my loves
who is right? hi, everybody. i'm david asman. welcome to "forbes on fox." steve forbes, rick unger, mike, bill baldwin, sabrina schaefer, hn tandy. $2 trillion out of a $3.5 trillion budget. more than the majority. how do you avoid dealing with it? >>ventually you will have deal with it. won't be done now, simply because there is not a mandate to do it. you set the stage for it; such as, having accounts for younger people in social security, change the delivery of healthcare, do it in a positive way. you set the ground work. you won't make headway with the congress. shoot for 2014 and 2016. >> rick, should entitlements be off the table entirely? >> i don't think they should i'm not one of those liberals. i would love to see the focus shift to where they are look at entitlements in terms of cleaning it up. it should be a constant reform all the time. weed out the people who may take advantage, so we havehe money for the people who legitimately need the help. >> let's talk about people taking advantage. federal disability programs arjust totally out of control. we have all kind of ab
the stakes were with jonathan martin of the "new york times," mike allen of politico and steve rattner, the finance year and writer. >> i think boehner himself won, that he actually got his caucus to a place but i think republican party are still the big losers here in terms of having been perceived to yes v created this mess in the first place. >> rose: the president the winner jonathan or he simply didn't not views in >> he survive but he got mix on him, too, charlie. there's no question his numbers have take an hit with that this on the heels with what happened with syria and you add the rollout of the affordable care act, it's not been a good couple months for the president. i do think steve is right in the sense that boehner probably staved off a coupe. if boehner had brought off a clean bill to keep the government open i think he would have faced an insurrection on his hands so boehner lived to fight another day. >> rose: we conclude this evening with a new film getting a lot of attention called 12q9 years a slave." it is directed by steve mcqueen and stars michael fassbender and
. >> and the question is, can the congressional republican leadership use what steve is talking about as a fig leaf? if they can get something on -- you know, anything related to long-term health care spending, will that give boehner some kind of cover to sell to his most conservative members as we did something about this issue. it may not have been own care per se. that to me is the big question tse can he find some kind of cover with what steve is talking about. >> rose: one sign of what this is by republicans is they're going to need a lot of democratic votes to do it which they originally had not wanted to d. i'm told that this will get 120 republican votes, they'll need 100 democratic votes so that's why they have to have both ends of pensylvania, both chambers going along with it. to pick up on jonathan's point, the incredible irony of this mess for republicans is they had not gotten in the shutdown situation, if they'd not gotten into a default countdown, the botched rollout of obamacare-- one of the worst product rollouts you can imagine-- would have been a much bigger story. >> rose: all
breaking on a crisp morning. while most of the country is sleeping te steve train is leavg the shore. the sea has been the source of steve's livelihood for 25 years. >> you guys about ready? , heave that o leave that on th. >> he is a lobstermen. one of 5,000 lobstermen who is the backbone of maine's economy? >> growing up as a fisherman is something i wanted to do. when i was a kid playing with lego instead of building houses we used to build lobster boats. >> now steve's way of life is threatened. jolted because the economy of maine is going in different directions. >> they have to be three quarters of an inch. the lobster harvest is at a record high. >> those are good ones? >> but prices near and all time low. >> it's just like anything else, spsupply and demand. we have over supply and no demand to math it. match it. climate change have led to an explosion in the lobster catch. >> how many? do we have a count? >> so many lobster the prices plummeted falling from six dollars a pound whol wholesale o three dollars a pound today. >> what would happen economically as would in any ind
'm going to break down "the sopranos" style slugfest with our own steve kornacki. >>> what would we be talking about if the government wasn't in this shutdown mode? the agenda panel is going to weigh in on what they would be saying is front-page political news if we weren't all distracted by this. and we've been asking, how is the shutdown impacting you? weigh in on twitter with the #don'tshutmedown. the day we rescued riley was a truly amazing day. he was a matted mess in a small cage. so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers, you can find it all on angie's list. we found riley at the shelter, and found everything he needed at angie's list. join today at angieslist.com so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there ar24/7.branches? i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat screech) you feel that in your muscles? i do... drink
's from columbia, missouri. it's steve. and from california it's luke. and she's from philadelphia, pennsylvania, it's sofia. welcome to the program, everyone. this is how it works. very simple. we ask americans their opinions on all kind of crazy topics. you have to correctly guess the answers and you can win $50,000. let's get into it. the first question is worth $100. here's the two possible answers. appeal to reason or appeal to emotion. what did married men say they're more likely to do when arguing wh their wives? appeal to reason or appeal to emotion. >> let's go to philadelphia, pennsylvania. say hello to sofia. how are you? >> doing great. how are you? >> doing very well. excellent job with the safety first. i love the helmet. >> always. >> this show can get out of control. what's your story? >> i recently moved from new york city to philadelphia, p.a. i love cycling. >> well, let's get you some cash for $100. appeal to reason or appeal to emotion. let's see it. sofia says you got to appeal to the emotion. the correct answer for $100 is appeal to reason. luke, charity and
washington to tackle some way the explosion in entitlement spending? we're going to be asking steve forbes. a man who knows a lot about both money and politics and also greattlittle show over the weekend called "forbes on fox." cheryl: i've seen that. i think you host that. in today's facebook question we want to know, do you think congress will reach a deal bit debt ceiling deadline on october 11th? log on to facebook.com/afterthebell and let us know. back in a moment. ♪ [ male announr ] once, there was a man who fnd a magic seashell. t told him what was happening on the tradfloor in real time. ♪ the shell brought him great fame. ♪ but then, one day, he noticed that evybody could have a magic seashell. [ indistin talking ] male announcer ] right there in their trading platform. ♪ [ indistinct talking continues ] [ male announcer ] so the magic shell went back to being a...sll. get live squawks right in your trading platform ith think or swim from td ameritrade. get live squawks right in your trading platform stick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the f
obama will nominate dr. janet yellen as the next chair of the federal reserve. let's go to steve gleason. this is not a shocking surprise, is it? >> no. the surprise is it took so long to get here. for a while larry summers withdrew his nomination. janet yellen was the odds on favorite. larry summers was in front in the summer and now it's back to janet yellen. now it's official. at 3:00 tomorrow president obama in the east room will make the announcement. ben bernanke will be there. janet yellen will be there and they'll announce that janet yellen is the first female ever nominated to be the fed chair. >> i'm glad of that. steve, let me ask you. i know it's right off the top of your head. will there be any changes in a janet yellen fed? >> i don't think so. i don't think there will be a big change, larry. i think janet has generally supported the policies that the fed has. i think she's felt for a long time that high levels of unemployment have necessitated high levels of federal reserve stimulus and i also know that she would probably be a person to run the committee very much like a c
, in came an email, and it was from one of my fellow colleagues, who i'm sure you all know and love, steve king of iowa, and the email came in, and it said this -- it said that there was an honor flight coming in to the world war ii memorial, and he said that there are barricades up and there will be many, many of our finest generation that will be there, the greatest generation, and it was an all points bulletin for members of congress to come and face down the national park service and open up the world war ii memorial. so i went in my mom clothes. that's what i walk around in in the morning. i went over to the memorial, and i went from the back side, and i couldn't believe my eyes. because here were tour buses facing the world war ii memorial, fairly narrow strip of sidewalk, and iron barricades had been set up with police tape. so i pulled out my camera. i took the photos, because i thought, when are you ever going to see world war ii vets shut out of their own memorial? my step dad had just taken an honor flight as an 89-year-old together with my 88-year-old uncle, highlight of their
weather and traffic, steve is right over there. >> i am, low clouds around, a cooler day by the coast, you friday forecast temperatures coming down a little bit. not too much. mainly by the coast. we will see upper 50s or low 60s. inland temperatures mainly low to mid 70s or upper 60s really. 40s some, 50s others, there is a chill in that morning air so kind of bundle up a little bit. jacket weather or layer weather, thick fog, cool, i knew i had to cough, i could feel it coming, just trying to get through that. mostly sunny, a little breezy later on today. it happens, hey, it happens. you can see the low clouds there and out of here soon so fog and sun, chilly and breezy, here in a second, sal, save me. >> steve, glad to, let's see what we have now with the roads trying to get somewhere on a friday and your plan includes the bay bridge, well your plan is a good one right now, no problems getting in to san francisco. no trouble on the lower deck from san francisco to oakland. on interstate 880 the traffic looks good in both directions here. as you drive down through hayward it continues to
right now. >>> plus, how bad are things for sac's steve cohen? he is selling some of the most valuable art on the planet. it is all the word on wall street. we've got the inside scoop. have a couple million? could you get a bargain. >> "who made money today." he could soon be new king of your tv. stay tuned to find out who it is. even when they say it is not it is always about money. adam: there is word crossing headlines that an actual deal will be president the to the republican conference in the senate at 11:00 a.m. hope is on the horizon that our elected officials in washington, d.c. will end the impasse and finalize a deal. the tentative plan increases the debt limit through february 15th. does that mean we're just right back here in the same place in four months? joining with us latest developments is senator roger wicker a member of the senate budget committee. thank you for taking time out of what is a crazy period in washington to be with us and explain to us why four months from now we won't be right back where we are today? >> okay. this interview was scheduled a lot earlier
. joining us is msnbc contributor jimy williams and steve karnaky. we want to offer condolences to mayor cory booker moments ago. we learned that he lost his father, that he lost his dad. so our thoughts are with him and his family. it does fall to us to talk about some of the politics here. and he still has to face that man who we heard make that very awkward comment in this race. does mr. lonegan even make sense for new jersey? >> this is a state it's been 41 years since new jersey has elected a republican to the u.s. senate. even with this poll, these polls drawing sort of relatively close right now, that puts lonegan in the range of every republican who has run and lost in new jersey. there is a bigger game that longan is sort of playing here. by taking on this fight against cory booker and by saying things like he said at this debate last night, when this election is over, steve lonegan is able to sort of return to the conservative media world, the information world and say look, i took the fight to cory booker. i said the things that you all think and that the other republicans are
's ask wall street journal columnist dan henneger, steve moore, and columnist marya mary anastasia o'grady. bond purchases, low interest rates what, do you think? >> yeah, i think that's right. she's a fed insider, been around the fed for more than a decade, and all of her work points to someone who's really focused on the unemployment issue. that's where she's -- in fact, she's written that if there's a tradeoff between unemployment and inflation, we should let inflation go a little bit higher in order to solve unemployment. given the current malaise of the economy, i think that suggests she's going to stick with the bond buying program, with the zero interest rates, and hope that can get us out of a problem, even though we know that the problems that are giving us slow growth cannot be solved with monetary policy. >> they are more fiscally related or regulatory. >> absolutely, taxes, regulation, obama care. all of those things are giving us uncertainty and giving us slow growth. >> steve, what are the differences, or are there, between ben bernanke and janet yellen on monetary poli
steve paulson is here and there's no change for the rest of the week. >> not a thing. i'm going home. >> you're done. >> send that message to the control. just record this play back for the next four hours. i'm just teasing. there's hardly a cloud, i mean really. a friend of mine watches us in l. a., so streaming. she does. i know, she does. there's a little bit of fog down there, but that's about it. we don't have anything going on here. it's quiet. there's an offshore breeze, along with a big dome of pressure which is large and this charge. there's hardly a difference between coast bay and inland. 41 in santa rosa now. a lot of 50s and 40s. santa rosa a cold morning. i'm penciling in 38 here at 7 a.m. they'll warm up 74 to 83. it will probably be 80 in town anyway. 25, i'm sure we'll get 30s in lake county. i haven't heard from chloe in lakes. they were 35 yesterday on the low. the west coast is under a dome. it will be warm, sunshine for everybody. really nice on the coast. cold lows and then warmer afternoon highs. 60s; no, there will be a lot of 70s, 80s and a few low to mid- 80
dave clark, let's check weather, steve, how is it looking. >> pam looks fabulous -- >> -- that -- >> -- rain already and snow showers up in the sierra, maybe solano, contra costa, santa clara, monterrey and there could be in line for cloud build up, overall the main result is a cooler breezy day, 42 napa, 53 santa rosa. if you get that breeze that is held up, it being the low, if not, if it is calm conditions and probably much cooler, the coldest air is yet to arrive, i mean has that, snow about 1 to 5 inches in the higher evaluations above 6500 feet until that comes in, just right now scattered but developing here in the mountains, maybe even up there, later on there is low clouds around so we will keep an eye on that but overall a cooler breezy day. we will start off mostly sunny then get cloudies here later. cooler, breeze in, fog south, showers, just kind of covering myself but overall more 60s and 70s on these temperatures today and kind of a cool breezy day, cooler. here is sal. >> steve, good morning. for the most part. we have a nice looking commute around
of a northwest or westerly breeze, 60s, 60s or low 70s, here is sal. >> steve good morning, right now the traffic is going to be getting busier around i also noticed more people on the roads, perhaps some people didn't know if bart was running and took the car, we can only guess about that but we do see more volume in some areas. the bay bridge is backed up but not all that thick, we also have friday light in some areas. >>> westbound that is heading out nicely there. south bay commute looks good as we push in to high with 101, which usually becomes slow first, it is looking good all the way into sunnyvale and the south bay commute in general looks good except for just a small stretch of slow traffic in the santa cruz mountains going southbound. now lease go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal, we begin with developing news this morning, bart workers will go on strike monday morning if a deal is not reached over the weekend. the two sides emerged last night from a long day of meeting, negotiations will resume this morning. the good news is the unions did not go on strike this morning despite the
. >> good morning, i am dave clark, let's check weather and traffic, steve chilly. >> chilly but high clouds, so mostly cloudy here and then mostly sunny this afternoon. big game 5 here today, forecast looks good here, in fact i think things look over mostly clear, i would expect this to be 68 here, mostly clear, there might be a breeze but not much, everything looks good to go for that. >>> temperatures today close to yesterday. starting off 40s and 50s, mainly though 50s, but everyone is close, so not a huge difference, cool readings there as well, san francisco settling into the 60s again, 67 for a high after a mostly cloudy morning, again those are just maim clouds. there is air low, boy a lot going on with it, we just didn't get that except that, but this band of high clouds will give us that, so sun and clouds today, high clouds here, not much of a breeze, there might be more of a northwest later but overall temperatures close to yesterday, which means 60s and 70s, here is sal. >> steve, good morning, right now traffic continues to move along pretty well around the bay area, we are sta
right with steve paulson. >> a lot of 40s. it won't take long to warm up. clear skies, clear cold, sunny by this afternoon. it looks likes that will be the theme for a while. santa rosa 39. there was a 39 at half moon bay airport. a lot of 40s. san jose is in there. concord, 46. livermore is 48. hayward, 48. san jose starting at 49. i know blossom hill is 45. there is a lot of low to mid- 40s not far away from downtown san jose. we'll go for a high of 77. 22 up in tahoe. ukiah is at 40. 32 up in re knee. temperatures won't -- reno. temperatures won't have any problem warming up. days are getting shorter. a slight offshore component. highs, 70s to a few upper 70s. maybe a smattering, a few 80s. here's sal. >>> steve, good morning doing you. we're looking pretty good on this monday. this is columbus day. some people are honoring that and they are not going to work or school today. look at the bay bridge. it certainly does look like we have a little bit of a light day going and, of course, the trains are running. you've been hearing that. that's also helping us out. tomorrow could be much d
entertaining, man. i tell you what. i appreciate you. we'll be right back. [applause] >> coming up next, steve's favorite mystery millionaire returns with a special request. >> i actually had another version that said forward by steve harvey but i didn't want to take any chances. >> you won't believe how steve grants her wish. >> you are the best support for women entrepreneurs everywhere since control top panty hose. i've got you right here and i've untamed fruit flavor. jolly rancher. i create my unique looke new l'oreal super slim liner point 4 millimeter precision and control lets you go subtle or striking a pigment so rich my ultimate perfection the new super slim liner. from l'oreal paris it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the fiber one caramel nut protein bar. >> well, everybody, my next guest is another friend of the show. she was here earlier this season sharing some of her success secrets on becoming a millionaire. well, since then her drive and determination has led to even more successes. please welcome the creator of the million dollar slob proof paint pen and t
earlier crashes in hayward. it's slow southbound 880 in fremont. let's go to steve. >>> well, i've painted you a very pretty picture. those of you listening, you are not watching. there you go. we have a band of high clouds over us. and then it will be sunny and temperatures will be 60s and 70s. they may be in this range here for a while. it looks good for day baseball as well. no worries here weatherwise, i should say. everything will be just fine. upper 60s. 68 at game time. mostly clear. overall, everything looks good. high clouds, chilly to mild. mostly sunny, cool to nice by noon and then sunny this afternoon. it will be nice to mild. maybe warm if you are in the sun. in southern california, it's definitely getting rain in southern nevada as well and also las vegas. and there's snow in flagstaff. a good system for them. it made snow for us in the sierra. we didn't hardly get anything here. we are getting the high clouds from the secondary system. that's about all. 29 in tahoe. 39 in reno. 44 in ukiah. 10 better in sacramento. cool on the coast for some. 40s to the north. half moon bay
sufficient funds to pay all of its bills. we are joined now by steve bell of the bipartisan policy center. as we start this discussion on the debt limit, some folks might not realize that we have already hit the debt limit. explain how that works. on theit the debt limit 18th of may. the treasury secretary, using extraordinary tosures, he's using them continue to pay the bills. what jaclyn said in his latest letter was this, "i am going to exhaust all of my extraordinary measures and have only $30 billion cash on hand on the 17th. thate have misinterpreted to mean that he will not pay any bills after that. he will have to depend on daily cash flow, which is unpredictable to predict. he will not have enough light to pay his bills. the 17th is an important date because on that day treasury has a large auction and they were like that auction of american debt to go off. solved somet this way by the 17th, we will not have an increase in interest rates. host: default is the word that has been thrown around a lot. some confusion about whether or not we are at risk of default. guest: of course we
? >> reporter: well, steve, first of all, i think when that proposal was offered to president obama during that meeting that occurred here at the white house yesterday with senate republicans, i am told he looked at it and said, look, this is constructive. so that tells you something. in terms of whether or notr whether or not the president can get behind this type of a deal, i think that they are encouraged by the fact that it's six months. it's not the six weeks that the republicans were offering. >> that would have put the country right back in the same negotiations that they're in right now in the middle of the holiday season. so i think that is what you heard in those comments from white house press secretary jake carney, the white house found so disconcerting. in terms of the medical device tax, can i tell you about this as a possible concession for weeks. based on my conversations here, that seems to be the one thing that the white house could potentially get behind. >> that is the one thing they are opened to looking at. remember, president obama had said he is not going to negotia
&p. steve sedgwick is live for us this morning. good morning, steve. >> yes, the markets are doing exactly what you expect them to do. if we get a deal, there's a risk on environment. if we don't get a deal, then all bets are off and the market continues to fall. we have a strong session with the dow at 323 points to theup side. the s&p is only a couple points from record territory. 98% of companies are up, big names including netflix and facebook. indicators were quite low as well. corporate earnings include jpmorgan. and talking of jpmorgan, the second largest provider of money market mutual funds has taken out of its portfolio the coupon bearing bonds, which are due to maturity between october 16th and november 6th. they are warning just a tiny bit about default. they believe this has low probability, but they are taking precautions just in case. and fitch has turned around to say most money market funds can't cope with the u.s. situation, as long as it doesn't lead to a run like we saw in lehman's in 2008. >> looks like your professional mentor is having an impact in the marketing worl
." steve hartman with a man who lost his sight but found his calling as a home builder. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. we could be just six days away from a perfect storm: when the government shutdown runs smack into the first-ever government default. pressure is building on house republicans to end their standoff with the president and here's why. a new gallup poll finds public opinion of the g.o.p. is dropping. in september, 38% of americans had a favorable view of republicans. but now it's just 28%. a 10-point drop in just one month. senate republicans brought the president a new proposal today for ending the shutdown, now in its 11th day, and they brought him a plan for raising the government's borrowing limit to avert that default. the president spoke by phone with speaker john boehner about a proposal for house republicans. nancy cordes is on capitol hill for us tonight. major garrett at the white house. first we'll get to nancy. nancy, what's on the table? >> reporter: scott, it's very unusual to see hou
former communications director for george bush, nicole wallace. we have steve rattner. in washington, my only friend in the world that takes ambien, former "new york times" report er -- >> tuesday most red sox -- >> it is tuesday. >> justin verlander. seriously. >> i don't take it any more. i haven't for a long time. >> she guzzles cough syrup. >> i'm tired of the shutdown. >> your ambien comments all linked together. have you seen that? >> no. but i'll look. >> it's the only thing that comes up when you google my name. thank you very much. >> you should not be googling themselves. >> all that hard work on capitol hill, working night and day, night and day, bringing the people their news for the "new york times" and mika here has tied the ambien -- >> why is it googling your name. >> let's talk about the news. >> let's change the subject. >> why don't you ask jeremy if he sees any movement on capitol hill. >> jeremy, once this thing ends, it's so embarrassing. i was talking to my dad yesterday. is there any safety net? i cannot believe. what happens if congress can't do what it's suppose
even louder. with me in total disagreement, fox news steve moore from the "wall street journal." we have matt, an energy analyst at stansbury research. thanks for joining us. steve, let me start with you. this makes a lot of sense. we're in the middle of an energy boom here in the u.s. we're making things like diesel which is europe is very expensive. should we be selling it there, making money, creating job, what do you think? >> i don't think there is any question about it. what is so exciting about our energy future, melissa, sometime the next eight to 10 years the united states will a net energy export country which is a wonderful thing to think about given the last 40 years we've been under the blade of opec. we'll see increased production of oil. by the way more importantly, natural gas. we're ready to import, to start exporting natural gas right now. we ought to be doing it. by the way, a lot of these downstream industries, that use the oil and natural gas that comes from the fracking boom, you know, these are companies like manufacturing companies, companies like the chemica
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